Resources are any thing stored in FCMS: collections, taxonomies or items.


Properties of a resource that can’t be specified during a create and are ignored during an update.


Properties of a resource that are retained during an update even if they aren’t in the updated property set.


(slug-in-collection? coll-id slug)

Return true if an item or a taxonomy with the specified slug exists in the collection with the specified id, false if not.


(unique-slug coll-id slug)(unique-slug coll-id slug counter)

Make a given slug unique in the collection if needed by incrementing a slug counter numeral and appending it with a dash until you have a unique slug. If the slug is already unique it is just returned.


(valid-name? n)

Returns true if the provided name is a valid name, false if not.

Any non-blank string (including Unicode) is a valid name.


(valid-slug? provided-slug)

Returns true if the provided slug is a valid, and false if not.